Covid19 Indianapolis Week II March 24, 2020

Week II of the shutdowns and the start of a shelter in place order led us to limiting time in the office to only one person at a time and limiting that time to as little time as possible.

I went into the office on Tuesday to work on a couple projects for clients and make sure the mail got scanned to everyone’s folders. After I was finished, I very cautiously took the a lap around part of downtown to see what I could catch on video.

The streets were noticeably sparse of every form of traffic. Besides a couple joggers and clusters of homeless people, I ran into some landscapers, a brick layer, a WISH-TV news crew, a cook at Hooters, and a police office in a patrol car.

I was happy also to run into homeless friends living on the street including Kyle the homeless artist on Instagram, and Robert and Carrie who still aren’t married yet and seemed to be practicing social distancing from one another.

If I had to sum up Indy by comparing it to an apocalyptic movie right now, I’d say it feels a little bit like a few weeks prior to the events in the “The Omega Man” starring Charlton Heston and Rosalind Cash 1971.