Covid Wave II Week 2: Session on Monument Circle Pre-Protest at Richard Lugar Plaza

Screw Payne chats about old school skateboarding

I couldn’t think of a better way to share the story of Indianapolis than from atop a skateboard with a camera. I get plenty of exercise, my negotiation skills have improved immensely, and as of late, I’ve learned how to block out unpleasant smells and really gross visuals I rather not delve into right here.

Getting a little air on Monument Circle

What I really live for, are those mellow days, when everyone is chill, the sky is perfect and the air completely breathable. People stop and smile. Occasionally, they chat me up and let me film them with no complaints. At the end of it all, I go home to my wife and son and finish the day out. Those are the days I’m grateful for most.

A group of skateboarders greats me on the Southeast corner of the Circle.

I had one of those days a couple weeks ago when I ran into Screw Payne and his posse on the Circle. They asked me about old dude skater stuff. I asked them about young dude skater stuff. We skated for a bit and stuff and then our own directions.

Screw Payne letting it fly

I found another protest on my way to the parking garage while cutting through Lugar Plaza. this one was pro Karla Lopez-Owens and anti Jason Larrison who picked up the seat on the City-County Council by what many are calling a controversial caucus vote of Democratic precinct committee people.

Robson-Voorhees Neighborhood Association President, Gary Moody

With the way things are going, I wonder sometimes if intermittent days of peaceful delight may be numbered. For now, I’m going to hold on tight to my privileged days of skateboarding downtown with camera in hand and an attitude that I belong here just like everyone else. These are my streets too.

Josh Peters, former candidate for Marion County Treasurer, on the caucus for City County Council that elected Jason Larrison

I pray, however, that I don’t eventually wind up documenting the implosion of Indianapolis. It could all end on a dime or continue a steady slow decline, but until that day comes, I’m going to keep on pushing through.