First Cold of the New School Year

I was just thinking last night about how Buck hasn’t been sick in a while and hoping that somehow we might magically make it through the school year without any colds. One can dream.

All last night and into the morning though, Buck kept waking up grumpy complaining about a sore throat. With him already having suffered twice from strep, we thought it would be best for him to see the doctor.

The office was able to squeeze us in. No fever. No strep. Just a mildly sore looking throat that Buck described as something poking him in his neck. Other than that, he was a whole new boy, running full steam like a champ. “That’s how it usually works,” the Dr. told me.

We decided on having breakfast at First Watch since we were up, out, and feeling fine. Buck had refused my request to try out Ruth’s Cafe on the other end of the strip, and my belly was telling me to stick with what we already knew.

Despite a slow start on the service, breakfast was great. I scarfed down the burritos minus beans while Buck methodically ate his usual blueberry pancakes with bacon. Each of us topped off with a Morning Meditation, plus coffee for me.

Early into eating, the lid fell off the syrup as Buck was pouring it over his pancakes. Suddenly he had a lake of syrup on his plate kept in check by a thick barrier reef of blueberries and pancakes.

As we were getting ready to leave, the server told us someone had already paid for our meal. I looked around to see if I recognized anyone before asking who the nice person was, but the payee had already left, and the server didn’t even get a look.

Although I was happy about the extra money in my pocket, I was still perplexed wondering who paid and why. For now, it seems a mystery that may never get solved.

We left the restaurant feeling full and finer, and headed over to Gander Mountain to look at some skateboard shoes I had recently discovered in their tiny skateboard section.

It’s not easy finding decent skate shoes in stores around Indy, and I had seen shoes there on Labor Day that could not be bought at any other store or skateboard shop in town.

Everything in the skateboard section was 50% off, but that’s because Gander Mountain is doing away with skateboards and related merchandise altogether. Usually it’s just a particular shoe or brand that vanishes. Not an entire department.

The sale and the eventual elimination of the department cut like a duel edged sort. Sure I could save big, but the roughly 10′ x 6′ unique retail section was going to be dismantled after only one trip. where was I going to find shoes again other than the internet. I figured I’d better stock up.

We left with two pairs of shoes, a hat, a shirt, and one perfectly sized Globe skateboard for Buck all for under $150. I only ended up with the hat and the shirt because Buck had to use the bathroom in the middle of checking out and I was lured into men’s clothing on the way back to the register.

When we got home, Buck wanted to try out his new skateboard. After a few runs at it, he asked to go inside to cool off because he was sweaty.

But it wasnt until he requested to watch Curious George, his all time favorite comfort show which he viewed multiple episodes of nearly every day through ages 1-3, that I began to suspect he wasn’t feeling so good again. Still, there was no fever. Buck rested on the couch and refreshed with some mildly flavored carbonated water while catching up with George, yellow hat dude, and Chef Pisgetti.

I cleaned the garage, laundry room and kitchen up until Carmen came home and then headed down to the office. There, everything and everyone was calm and peaceful. No crises. No chaos. I caught up on calls and worked on my taxes.

Later in the afternoon, I was going through a stack of mail and came across a $25.00 gift card from Gander Mountain for having joined their “Good Sam Club.” Not sure when I’ll be going back, but you can’t win them all.

Buck apparently has a fever now. I’ll be staying home with him in the morning tomorrow. According to mom he’s being extra snuggly. I hear they’re resting.

It’s 6:11 pm. I better get going. I’m going to go skate before stopping at the store for popsicles and pineapple juice. I wonder what the universe has in store for me tonight. I never know what’s just around the corner.