Covid-19 Indianapolis Week II March 26, 2020

Robert and Carrie Still Out in Their Usual Spot on Georgia Street

Where are all the other skateboard journalists out there? Are your cities also quiet? Are most people inside hunkering down while you’re still thrashing around town?

Only the hardcore are still out. They’ve survived a lot already and many are counting on their DNA to come through for them once again.

Leave it to some skateboarders to break the rules of social distancing.

Those skateboarders. They never learn. Always smashing their bodies on concrete, sometimes bouncing off vehicles. There is no beating any sense into them. Such a stubborn lot. They’ve risked death so many times over, imagining being taking out by a microscopic organism might be impossible for many.

I’m glad to get out and capture what I can. The few times I have skated since this pandemic began have been pretty fantastic.

I didn’t think I’d run into a small group of skateboarders bombing a parking garage. I played it safe and stayed behind the camera instead of bombing it with them. I’ll leave that sort of glory and risk to the Jake Phelps of the world. These days, my bouncing off the concrete doesn’t look nearly as good.