coVID-19 Week III

One day after April Fools’ Day, I hit the streets of Indy again to check out the vibe. Although there were still people out and about, they were few and far between compared to any day prior to the pandemic.

“Do a kick flip!”

The weather was beautiful when I shot this. After being pent up at the house for nearly a week, I was pumping and pushing hard across town rolling much faster than most my average shoots.

IU Methodist Hospital

Several people I skated past were wearing masks. Like me, they were about a week ahead of the official guidelines to do so. Although somewhat uncomfortable while skateboarding around downtown, with some controlled breathing, the coveted N95 mask found by my wife in the garage next to my work bench was tolerable.

Red Line Station on North Capital Street

Again, I stumbled across a group of skateboarders. Like I said in my last blog, they never learn. Out risking it all for a session. From the vantage point of a skateboarder, it’s hard to blame them. There are way less human obstacles, the cops aren’t breaking anything up, and even the security guards are super chill.

Anyone know this guy?

Prior to running into the skateboarders, I ran into Dave the saxophonist who had switched over to drumming because he was out of reeds and his music store was closed during the pandemic. While listing to his new beats, old timey bicyclist and enthusiast, Martin, rode past on his way to do a little shopping at Kroger.

Kroger at Senate and Michigan, Dave the saxophonist switches it up while waiting for new sax reeds.

I also spent a good deal of time in this video cruising past hospitals downtown to see if anything different was happening. The one thing I noticed was how silent the streets were. Normally, at this time of the day no matter where I was downtown, I’d be hearing sirens. It was eerily quiet.

Eskenazi Hospital

0:001:00 Intro

1:001:30 Drive into downtown

1:304:00 Methodist Hospital

4:006:30 Sax Dave / Kroger

6:308:00 Downtown – IUPUI

8:0011:00 University Hospital / Riley / IU School of Nursing / Eskenazi

11:3013:00 Motorcycles / Bicycles / Street Life

13:0017:20 Skateboarders

17:2018:00 The End