Week five seemed to have about the same foot traffic as before. There were joggers and bikers and plenty of people sleeping on the streets, but the buildings looked lonely and cold. Especially the restaurants. What I wouldn’t give for one of Nathaniel or Sarah’s margaritas over at the Eagle after a long session.

Monument Circle

If the skateboarders were out, they weren’t anywhere around I could find. Over at the Pan AM Plaza, I ran into an old friend who used to manage my parking garage out between East and New Jersey and Ohio and Market. He said he was starting to see lots of new faces on the street. Seeing him again made me think that every old face I run into these days over 50 is consoling because Covid-19 hasn’t gotten them yet.

107 N Pennsylvania

Without a lot of people out about, I shifted to setting up some shots with some extra flow in them that I could practice my editing on later. I did manage to get a few good ones. I have to admit, though, I wasn’t feeling it. That’s just how it goes sometimes, Covid-19 or no Covid-19.

University Park