Covid-19 Indy Week VIII: Sean Reed Protest Aftermath

I’ve botched three videos so far during the Covid-19 crises.

The first one was Breann Leath’s funeral procession heading through downtown. Schedule conflict.

The second one was an Easter video. I was too sore. It was too cold and damp.

The third one was the Sean Reed protest at the City County building which is the same day this video was shot. I was at home when I realized it had already started and wavered instead of rushing while working on some other projects.

Singing songs before being interrupted by sirens

I missed the end of the protest by 20 minutes arriving just in time to get word from the street that the protesters were heading up to 62nd and Michigan. In the aftermath, I was able to, sort of, talk to two protesters who were still straggling to get out of downtown. One person used only head movements to communicate. The other tried to hug me which pretty much short circuited the interview.

Debbie giving me an update on where the protesters have gone

Bummed about not getting downtown in time, I didn’t really feel like videoing much and shut down early so I could enjoy being out and about downtown on my board. I didn’t even think I was going to make a video with the footage I had, but when I got home and looked at it, I thought there was enough substance to warrant putting one together.

Tamera says she should be off the streets for good soon

Despite the protesters clearing out, a theme of escaping incarceration made it’s way into this video. Sean Reed was trying to escape the police. Many people down and out are trying to escape the streets. I’m just trying to escape my self-imposed restraints.

Skateboarders saying hi. The kid on the left saved my glasses a couple years ago at Pan Am