Raw Zoom Overkill


It’s just another typical downtown day in Indianapolis spiked with threats and short on sanity while trying out my new Samsung Note 20 Ultra.

Zooming in on Monument Circle from a few blocks away

Besides the usual opening and credits, this video was shot, edited, and uploaded entirely by my phone. This is how I originally started shooting video downtown almost four years ago except every aspect of the video is substantially better.

Bird scooter rider flies by

About halfway through my ride, I ran into a couple recent transplants from Crown Point skateboarding at Pan Am Plaza. We had a quick chat in between a few tricks. They were both starting college, one at IUPUI, and one of the Ivy Tech.

Boneless off Pan Am

Later, I stopped at The Eagle for some fried chicken. On my way back to my parking garage, I ran into some commotion at Ohio and Delaware. Some young dude was upset with some older guy about something I never quite figured out.

Yelling and posturing ends with nobody hurt

Fortunately no-one was injured, at least at that point. As for later, the potential for just about anything ranging from a make-up hug to a shanking is possible.

A wave from an old friend from the streets

For the streets are constantly changing states of charged raw emotions as the struggle to survive grows increasingly competitive. With nothing to lose, focus on what’s wrong or right becomes distorted for those roughing it on the streets. Some don’t care to live or die.

Time to bounce

Zooming around online, on wheels, on camera, I never know who or what I will find. I may not see it when its right in front of me, but editing often gives me a second chance or more to see the things I missed. I hope I pay attention hard enough to avoid another hit.

Peace out