Hurry up and heal

Having two injured toes and somewhat of a swollen, sprained ankle has hindered my mobility quite a bit during the last few months. Like Covid and cancer, I couldn’t go where I wanted when I wanted how I wanted. Without vehicle assistance, I was trapped, once again, imprisoned in my body during Indy cosplay in spring.

Springtime for Indy Cosplay
Comic Con Indy

Against doctor’s orders, I limited myself to a slower roll void of tricks. Instead of showing off, I simply pushed easy and coasted with some pump. I didn’t expect to catch much, but ended up with a phone full of video files by week’s end. Even Jesus managed to make the cut.

Homeless Outbursts vs. Calm Priesthood

While having a drink in The Eagle after a long day cooped up in the office, I noticed several Roman soldiers whipping the son of God as he carried his crucifix. They quickly passed by the barroom windows with a large crowd in tow. I immediately asked for my tab and skated after the spectacle.

Jesus Makes His Way to the Next Station

I had already filmed Hebrew Israelite King Superman earlier in the week and thought Jesus would be a perfect round out for an Easter video. While tagging along with the procession, I came across yet another Hebrew Israelite group. That makes three so far.

The Big Lebowski No

Alter Egos

King Superman and Priest Michael work as a pair. There is a younger group that dresses up in urban/ancient Egyptian attire. And finally, there is a group of middle aged dudes, dressed pretty normal, who love coming out with their apocalyptic messages of doom during holidays. What better time than Thanksgiving Eve and Good Friday to spread a message of hate.

Hebrew Israelites Throw Shade at Catholics

I’m just happy to be out and about despite so much bigoted hate. Even a slow roll amongst haters beats Spring at IU Simon. Nothing is quite as liberating as rolling past those chemo ward windows and seeing my reflection flash by.

Some Rare Rollerblading Action Caught On Camera

Never once while sitting on the other side of them did I think I’d end up making videos about Indianapolis. I never even thought about skateboarding again. Now look at me go. I get to cosplay every day, as the Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist.

Longboarding Along Washington Street