Dancing in The Streets of Naptown


All The streets are a stage

Downtown was getting unexpectedly lively just days before protests were on again at the Federal Courthouse and Monument Circle. Energy was ramping up along with the weather while random people were dancing in the streets of Naptown.

There’s not always a show going on downtown, but anyone on the move around the Mile Square long enough is bound to see one sooner or later. Acts range from spectacular to turning one’s stomach followed by gagging and retching.

My favorite shows on the streets are the comedies. “The Adventures of King Superman and Priest Michael“, the Laurel and Hardy of the Hebrew Israelites, “The Jay Money Experience“, once homeless or not so homeless, but definitely not homeless now. Although, he still comes downtown to panhandle in-between rapping and giving out free crypto financial advice. Think stand-up without the punchlines, but all the laughs.

Dancing in the streets of Naptown

There are some great and often tragic dramas playing out in real time on the downtown streets of Naptown. Crime and homelessness mixed in-between various work environments offer a variety of dramatic shows to see when in the right place at the right time. I have found myself sometimes cheering and sometimes crying. For every triumph and person who’s overcome, there are equal amounts of sadness and unhappy endings. While some escape their hardships and level up, others escape the world altogether to a place living can only speculate about.

Dancing in the streets of Naptown

It’s showtime

There are numerous performers. Live variety shows are happing here and there often in the oddest of places. Could be the middle of the Cultural Trial. Perhaps under a bridge. Some play instruments. Others sing and rap. I have seen artists and jugglers, unicyclists, and oddball bike riders. They even be dancing on the streets of Naptown.

Sometimes, I’m the show, intentionally or unintentionally, getting sneers, jeers, and cheers. I won’t lie. I like to showoff a little hear and there. There are a lot of tricks I can’t do. Especially lately after rolling my ankle seven weeks back. But what I can do, I do my best to do it with some style, and sometimes even a little flair. I even have a couple signature moves that are almost always guaranteed to garner a smile. I promise to work those into one of my upcoming videos. Until then, enjoy the show.