Free Britney Indy: One Woman Protest on Monument Circle

Priscilla Tells Me All About Britney Spears Under Conservatorship

Last November, I had no idea Britney Spears was under conservatorship managed by her father until I met a very friendly, passionate, and lone protester on the steps of the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

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Public Toilets Being Cleaned

Priscilla was the sweetest protester one could ever meet. As a person with special needs, Priscilla was under no such conservatorship and had the full backing of her mother to follow her own dreams and goals in life without the authoritative control and subjugation to a conservatorship.

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Video Production On Monument Circle

Priscilla was thrilled to tell me all about Britney’s troubled and long lasting ordeal which opened my mind to the ways in which people are abused by those who manage their conservatorships. If the courts can do it to Britney, they most definitely can do it to anyone surrounded by control freaks, manipulators, users, and abusers.

Priscilla’s Mom On Her Way Over To Support Her Daughter

Never Saw Him Before & Haven’t Seen Him Since
Setting Up For A Shoot

On a day that couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to be sunny or cloudy, Priscilla was certainly a bright point. Not only in the day, but in all the video of people I’ve taken on the streets of Indianapolis.

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