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Priscilla Tells Me All About Britney Spears Under Conservatorship

In a city blighted by plywood, plastic portable-bathrooms, and people overdosing on random sidewalk corners, Priscilla went straight to it’s geographic center. There, she sat with her sign on the steps of Soldiers’ and Sailors’ Monument in an effort to raise awareness of the Free Britney Movement.

Fresh Toilets Being Delivered

It was November 2020. I had no idea Britney Spears was under conservatorship managed by her father until I met a very friendly, passionate, and lone protester on the steps of the Indiana State Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

Public Toilets Being Cleaned

Priscilla was the sweetest activist one could ever meet. Although she has special needs, Priscilla is not under a conservatorship. Her mother, showed up shortly after I skated up and explained that she has always encouraged her daughter to follow her dreams. Being part of the Free Britney movement was a part of those dreams.

View Outside My Office, 11th Floor of 120 East Market Street

Priscilla was thrilled to tell me all about Britney’s troubled and long lasting ordeal opening my mind to the ways in which people are abused by those who manage their conservatorships. If the courts can do it to Britney, they most definitely can do it to anyone surrounded by control freaks, manipulators, users, and abusers.

From Dark to light

Businesses Boarding Up Pre Election

On a day that couldn’t make up it’s mind whether to be sunny or cloudy, Priscilla was certainly the bright point. She didn’t just light up the day. Priscilla lit up my video and my entire YouTube channel with her presence.

Free Britney
Video Production On Monument Circle

A break from the dark hearts recharges the soul and is a good changeup for my channel. I can’t post up constant gloom and doom. It wouldn’t reflect the diversity of people and events I see regularly. There is laughing among the crying, and hope along with the despair. At times,

Free Britney
Priscilla’s Mom On Her Way Over To Support Her Daughter Rallying to Free Britney

So many tough stories, true and fictional, can be detrimental to the spirit without an interlude. I’m fortunate to find standouts sprinkled around the mile square in people like Priscilla.

Free Britney
Never Saw Him Before & Haven’t Seen Him Since. Not Singing about Free Britney

Some of the shining stars actually perform. They play music on guitars or drums. There are those who dress up in costumes. From the Silver Lady to the Teenage Mutant Turtles, I haven’t seen it all, but it sure feels like it.

More at stake than free britney

Free Britney
Setting Up For A Shoot

In addition to Britney being tapped in a conservatorship, the AARP estimates that there are 1.3 million adults in the US under guardianship. No one knows the real number, however, as there are only 16 states providing data for that estimate. The percentage of people being taking advantage of is even less known.

Get Your Tickets for Hilbert Circle Theatre

While riding around downtown, I see a lot of people who look like they need to be under a conservatorship. The zombies who smoke weed laced with chemicals delivered by dealers on bike. Some people are not only living on the streets, but seemingly in another dimension. They need help. If only someone could rescue them. Saving those on the streets is not so easy. There are many who don’t want to be saved.

Another Driver Loses Control Of Their Vehicle Downtown

I’m just one man on a skateboard with a camera, and there’s only so much time each day to skate, video, edit, write, post, learn, and improve. No matter how much I improve, I will always be limited by time. Although I feel like I should be doing more, sometimes I just want to ride. I can’t always be on a mission, nor can Priscilla. By simply being there on the Circle for an hour or two, however, one person, Priscilla, made an impact that will last with me as long as I’m alive.