Author: T.A. Breedlove

Husband, father, entrepreneur, artist, writer, skateboard journalist of Indianapolis, seeker of truth and temporary occupier of space in this dimension three stones from the sun.
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Covid 19 Wave II Week 1

As the protests ramped down in Indy, Covid 19 once again became the main focus of every corporate news entity in town. Fear and finger pointing grew worse as masks became mandated and districts wrestled […]

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Prelude To Protests

Before the killing, the daily protests, the broken glass, tear gas, fires, looting, mayhem, more murders, and national guard troop deployment, there was a city crawling out of lockdown seeking to return to normal. Three […]

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Covid-19 Indy Week VII: Open Indiana

Some people just aren’t sure how to take me. There’s a lot to unpack with the name “Indianapolis Skateboard Journalist.” The Indianapolis part seems easy enough. I’m on a skateboard most of the time, so […]

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Covid-19 Indy Week VI

Like many of the broken souls I’ve talked to downtown who went off the rails at some point in their lives, the whole world is on it’s way to following suit as the majority of […]