Author: T.A. Breedlove

Husband, father, entrepreneur, artist, writer, skateboard journalist of Indianapolis, seeker of truth and temporary occupier of space in this dimension three stones from the sun.
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420 Indy

Two years ago, one of my employees informed me that The Grand Poobah of The First Church of Cannabis was wandering around outside down the sidewalk with a megaphone in celebration of 420. I knew […]

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Memories in Case I’m Gone

When meditating on why I started obsessively videoing so many things around three and a half years ago, I came to the conclusion that it is because I feared, and still do, the possibility of […]

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coVID-19 Week III

One day after April Fools’ Day, I hit the streets of Indy again to check out the vibe. Although there were still people out and about, they were few and far between compared to any […]